About the Plainville Historical Society

Established in 1968 under the leadership of the legendary Ruth Hummel, the Plainville History Society has been keeping local history alive for over 50 years. Our goal is to accomplish this through:

  • Collecting and preserving resources including documents, photographs, memorabilia, or other objects related to Plainville or considered to be relevant Americana.
  • Providing public accessibility to the Plainville Historic Center which the Society maintains as a research center, museum, offices, and store.
  • Promoting interest in local history through programs, media, education, and assistance with research and geneaology.


Historic Center Hours


We are presently open Monday and Wednesday mornings 9 AM-Noon. Additional hours for Summer 2019 are Wednesdays Noon-2 PM and Saturdays 1-3 PM. The Center will be closed Saturday July 6th for the holiday weekend. 


If interested in doing research, it is very helpful to speak with us in advance so that we can schedule a time and prepare for your visit. Also, individuals or groups can contact us in order to arrange additional times for tours or research. 





A museum display honoring our founder Ruth Hummel
The Plainville Historical Society celebrated its 50th anniversary in September 2018

We celebrated our 50th anniversary in September 2018.

Participation and membership are encouraged. Society members are all volunteers. We love to have new people involved! Please see Membership and Support for more information.

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Members and guests helped celebrate our 50th anniversary.